Adventures in National Dairy Month

It’s June! For many of us, that means the end of the school year and the beginning of summer; but for all of us, it means… National Dairy Month! To…


Raw Milk: Safe or Senseless? Part 2

The second in a two part series comparing the risks to the benefits of raw milk. Raw milk comes from pastured cows, and has not been processed in any way….


Raw Milk: Safe or Senseless? Part 1

Image credit: Mother Jones Between 1993 and 2006, raw milk caused illness for nearly 2000 people in the United States, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Clearly this…


We’ll Take a Cup of [Milk] Yet, for Auld Lang Syne

Are you looking for a way to celebrate the coming of a new year so that you’ll remember it the next day? Trying to avoid kicking off 2013 with a…


Milk and Cookies, Order for One

Every kid knows the most important thing to do on Christmas Eve is set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus. If this sacrosanct tradition is forgotten, no one knows…


Christmas Morning Breakfast

Of all mornings, Christmas morning calls for an especially delicious breakfast. But chances are, you had a late night and Christmas morning tends to come much earlier than any other…


Pass the eggnog, please!

At my house, the holidays are a time for family, love, and food. Food, food, food. And from the thousands (millions?) of recipes that flood the internet every Christmas season,…


Milk 2012

The political jabs are flying from candidates, news channels, and Facebook accounts. How about cooling it down a little and looking at the role of milk in the United States?…


Whence comes this milk?

Apparently some of our readers are offended by the use of prepositions at the end of sentences (Where is my milk from?). We received the following polemic from one of…

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Chocolate Milk: Drink of Champions

It’s that biennial time, when people all around the world skimp on their own exercise and spend hours sitting on the couch watching people on the television exerting themselves better,…


To Dairy or… Not? The Lowdown on Milk Alternatives

As a true blue dairy lover, I was devastated a few years ago to learn that I had a milk allergy. I’ve since tried to trick and confuse my taste…


Milk + Moms… The Perfect Combination

Aren’t moms just the greatest? Every Mother’s Day, families take time to remember and show appreciation for the women that make life a happy, safe, and healthy adventure. We love…


Growth Hormones, Dairy Cows, and the FDA . . . Oh My!

In 1994, the FDA approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) on dairy farms. rBGH is the synthetic form of a hormone naturally produced in all animals to…


Is Milk Actually a Health Menace?

Providing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, and an entire alphabet soup of vitamins, milk is one of the most complete foods available. From bone strength to heart health and…



You probably know that, for the most part, milk is pasteurized. But what exactly does that mean? Pasteurization is a process that makes your milk safer for you and your…


Beauty Secrets – It’s a Dairy Thing

According to ancient lore, Cleopatra was a “woman of surpassing beauty”. Egypt’s most famous queen somehow managed to rule her country, make her way into every history book, and keep…

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Out with the old, in with the new

Today marks a great day for Where is my milk from? As of this morning, we said goodbye to our old-school design and welcomed a brand new, fresh, and beautiful design….


Milk and Muscles

Kids, your parents have always reminded you that drinking your milk at breakfast will help make your bones stronger, but can milk do more than that?  You bet! Make sure…


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If you’re a fan of the Where is my milk from?, follow us on Twitter! From our account, @findmymilk, we tweet blog posts, health and dairy news, plus some bonus content that…


Can’t Sleep? Warm Up Some Milk

When I was a kid, I often couldn’t fall asleep, whether because I was too busy thinking about the adventures I would have the next day, or because I was…

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