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About Courtney

Courtney is your average recent college graduate. She loves to cook, read, swim, and do anything outside. She grew up in beautiful Monterrey, Mexico and completed her undergrad in public health at BYU. She hopes to start nursing school soon, but for now she enjoys teaching health and nutrition classes to high schoolers.

Milk + Moms… The Perfect Combination

Aren’t moms just the greatest? Every Mother’s Day, families take time to remember and show appreciation for the women that make life a happy, safe, and healthy adventure. We love…


Growth Hormones, Dairy Cows, and the FDA . . . Oh My!

In 1994, the FDA approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) on dairy farms. rBGH is the synthetic form of a hormone naturally produced in all animals to…


Beauty Secrets – It’s a Dairy Thing

According to ancient lore, Cleopatra was a “woman of surpassing beauty”. Egypt’s most famous queen somehow managed to rule her country, make her way into every history book, and keep…


Milk and Muscles

Kids, your parents have always reminded you that drinking your milk at breakfast will help make your bones stronger, but can milk do more than that?  You bet! Make sure…

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