Whence comes this milk?

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Apparently some of our readers are offended by the use of prepositions at the end of sentences (Where is my milk from?). We received the following polemic from one of our loyal fans.

Dearest readers,

It has recently been brought to my attention that the title of this Internet newspaper mangles the fine language we share.  Namely, “where is my milk from?” flaunts the fine grammatical structure our ancestors created, refined, and selflessly passed on to current and future generations for the purposes of communication and the upkeep of our culture.  A preposition at the end of sentence?  Preposterous!

Granted, if impudent tarts such as the grammar girl were to have her way, we’d all be arranging our movable type into ear-shredding phrases such as “what did you step on?” or “this is what he is known for”. But do we not hold ourselves to a higher standard?  Do we not aspire to make our words soar with grandeur and eloquence, to become timeless
relics that empower our voice to echo across the ages?

Shakespeare wrote: “There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger. Coriolanus (5.4.30)”.  The playwright artfully uses the process of elimination to divine whence his milk indeed did NOT come.  It is only fitting, therefore, to eliminate egregious grammatical violations from our dairy-related blogs!

This is an outrage with which I cannot put!  Bring decency back to the English language and say with me in a resounding chorus of grammatical righteousness: “whence comes this milk?!?!”


Chadsworth Featherbottom, III, Esquire

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