New Dairies Added!

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Recently the FDA released its latest update of dairies for our consumption — the quarterly update is for quarter 1 of 2012. We have combed through these dairies and added them to our database for your enjoyment. Because we haven’t updated our database since January of 2010 (sorry!), there are a lot of changes.

To give you an idea about the changes:

  • Over 600 dairies updated their names (about half are just minor name changes including typos)
  • Almost 400 new milk processing plants have been added to the list, wow!

Does that mean that 400 new dairies were built? Probably not. It just means that they had previously not been registered with the FDA — possibly because their sanitation ratings weren’t high enough, or they simply didn’t ship their milk between states but now they do.

Regardless of the reason, we wish a happy welcome to all the new dairies!

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avatar Dairy Farmer says: 6 years ago

So glad to see our dairy has been added! Thanks for making this great service.

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