Out with the old, in with the new

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Today marks a great day for Where is my milk from? As of this morning, we said goodbye to our old-school design and welcomed a brand new, fresh, and beautiful design.

Besides the obvious beauty of the new site, this version includes several new features:

  • Local Dairies: the ability to find dairies nearby
  • Blog: The latest in health and dairy news
  • Store: Your source for items to help you live healthy – and some fun things too
  • Featured dairies with more detailed profile pages
  • Going forward, historical ratings of dairy compliance ratings
We hope you love the new experience!


Thanks to an awesome team who have made this site possible.

  • Credit for the beautiful design go to Brady Cook.
  • Copy and editing by Spencer Dickson
  • Design direction and team management by Stephanie Barlow.
  • Writers: Courtney Cottrell and Alyssa Herzinger
  • Store Manager: Shelley Fitzgerald

For the nerds

Warning: this gets kind of technical.

Besides the new features and design, a lot has changed on the backend. First off, the old version of this site was built using a scrapped together, home-baked framework. The new site is built using CodeIgniter, a slim, yet advanced MVC framework written in PHP — this blog is built with WordPress. Using CodeIgniter will allow the site to scale with its ever increasing traffic and demand. The new site includes hundreds of performance improvements including an advanced caching system and improved searching algorithms. Finally, the site has been extremely optimized for search engines with a backwards compatible link structure, and keyword rich urls.

Thanks for visiting, come back often!

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4 Responses to Out with the old, in with the new

avatar Shelley says: 6 years ago

Very cool! I like being able to search for the dairies near me on the “Local Dairies” page.

avatar Mel says: 6 years ago

Site says Plant No. 42-189 “cannot be found.” Must FDA “round-up a posse?”

avatar Jonathan says: 6 years ago

I’m diggin the new design. The technical discussion makes me want to do a DDoS attack for some reason :)

avatar Trevor says: 6 years ago

@Mel The FDA is releasing another update to their list this month, check back soon to see if it has been added.

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