Adventures in National Dairy Month

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It’s June! For many of us, that means the end of the school year and the beginning of summer; but for all of us, it means… National Dairy Month!

To celebrate, let’s go on an adventure! There will be games and learning and even some moo-vies!

Now follow me to the magical land of Dairytopia, where we’ll find all sorts of things to do and learn. For example, did you know that the two most well-known breeds of dairy cows are Holstein and Jersey cows?  Holstein cows were first brought to the United States in the 1850s, all the way from the Netherlands! Somebody must have really wanted some milk! Holsteins have black and white spots and, when they’re fully grown, weigh up to 1,500 pounds- that’s about the same weight as five baby elephants!

If you’ve ever seen a cow and thought, “Awww it’s so cute!” there’s a good chance it was a Jersey. These buttery-brown cows bat their long eyelashes and gaze at you with their big brown eyes. They come from the island of Jersey, which is right in between England and France, and their milk has a high content of butterfat. But no matter what the breed, cows normally eat about 90 pounds of food- every day!

Find out more about the other breeds of dairy cows at Dairyspot!

Okay, are you ready to play? Let’s head on over to Operation Dairy: The Game. Here you’ll search for tokens (like treasure!) that will then teach you more about dairies and where your milk comes from; for instance, milk usually has to travel about 100 miles from the dairy to get to you!

Alright, it’s time to test your Moo-Q! Have a blast answering questions and learning more about cows and the 90 pounds of food they eat each day. Hopefully you’ve had your 5-6 servings of dairy today so you’re in tiptop shape for test-taking! If you read carefully, you’ll already know some of the answers!

…Are you back? How’d you do on the test? Great! It’s time to reward yourself with a tall glass of milk; and when you’re done, you can join the club of Milk Mustache-ers!


(image credit from Moms Need To Know)

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