Raw Milk: Safe or Senseless? Part 2

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The second in a two part series comparing the risks to the benefits of raw milk.

Raw milk comes from pastured cows, and has not been processed in any way. The FDA warns about the dangers of raw milk, but many people still insist that it is a healthier alternative to pasteurized milk. It’s illegal in 18 states, and yet some people even bypass the law to consume unpasteurized milk. What is their reasoning? Might the worry about raw milk be misplaced? Let’s examine why so many are going to great lengths to drink what they call “nature’s perfect food.”

The website of “A Campaign for Real Milk” reports that raw milk is safe as long as the cows are healthy, and the milk is produced under sanitary and healthy conditions. It adds that the milk should remain full-fat because many of the necessary anti-microbial elements of milk are in the fat. In fact, the campaign cites research showing that the anti-microbial nature of raw milk is so powerful that it destroyed large amounts of bacteria added to it in the laboratory.

The campaign also argues that raw milk provides a much safer and healthier alternative to commercial infant formula, citing the many illnesses that have arisen because of tainted formula. While mother’s milk is clearly the best option, raw milk diluted with water and whey, when supplemented with certain oils, is very similar to human milk, according to the campaign.

As far as dairy sensitivity, the campaign states that because raw milk contains all of its original enzymes, it often eradicates any effects of lactose intolerance. Milk allergies, however, will likely be unaffected.

The Campaign for Real Milk even asserts that the hormones present in raw milk make it a powerful medicine, capable of healing and preventing many illnesses and allergies. It claims in addition that raw milk from grass-fed cows is a complete, balanced food, and that a person could live an entire, healthy life on nothing but raw milk.

What do you think? Do the benefits of raw milk outweigh the risks?

For more information, visit The Campaign for Real Milk.

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3 Responses to Raw Milk: Safe or Senseless? Part 2

avatar Paul says: 5 years ago

Once again, the raw milk argument relies on faulty science. If you go back and look at the scientific references that WAPF bases it’s statements on, you find that they don’t support what WAPF is saying. But because they cite scientific studies, it makes their position look scientific.

In reality, the very studies they cite contradict their pro-raw milk argument. Raw milk does not naturally kill off pathogens. In fact, it is an ideal growth medium for pathogens. If anything, raw milk can be bacteriostatic for a short amount of time. But it’s not effective at killing pathogens in the context of the real world, unless you add catalysts like hydrogen peroxide to the milk. That’s what WAPF’s citations really say, although they don’t tell you.

WAPF is really a leader is misrepresenting science to their own end. That is why they are not taken seriously by dairy scientists and regulators. It’s a shame, because small dairies do need help. WAPF misdirects a lot of good energy into a Quixotic fool’s errand, and people get sick as a result. Shameful.

avatar David Allen says: 5 years ago

Based on my very limited knowledge of milk and the overall pasteurizing process, I feel like trusting farms to keep their cows healthy enough to produce safe raw milk is asking a lot. I will stick to pasteurized milk.

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